Safest Colleges in the Country- San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Safest Colleges in the Country

by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Many of our children will be accepting college invitations over the next few months.  Acceptance letters are being sent out in a fury and our youths have hard decisions to make about the next 4 years of their life.  To add to the complexity of selecting the perfect school, parents want to make sure their children are safe at college.  How do safety rankings impact college choices?

Safe Colleges has just released their Safest College Campus in the US statistics.  California has a host of schools that would make parents happy.  The highest ranking California college is # 13 Cal State San Marcos.  #44 UC Irvine also appears in the top 50 safest colleges in the US.  Here is the complete list of California’s top-ranked safest schools.

  1. Cal State San Marcos (13)
  2. UC Irvine (44)
  3. Cal State Fullerton (59)
  4. Cal State Dominguez Hills (67)
  5. UC San Diego (71)
  6. Cal State East Bay (75)
  7. Cal State LA (83)
  8. UC Davis (85)
  9. Cal State Northridge (87)
  10. San Jose State University (90)
  11. San Diego State University (97)
  12. Cal State Long Beach (101)
  13. Cal Poly Pomona (106)
  14. Sacramento State University (127)
  15. UC Santa Barbara (151)
  16. UC Riverside (161)
  17. UC Los Angeles (162)
  18. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (163)
  19. CSU Chico (164)
  20. Fresno State University (186)
  21. Cal State San Bernardino (196)
  22. UC Berkeley (209)
  23. San Francisco State University (220)
  24. UC Santa Cruz (234)

Does This Impact College Choices?

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is an award-winning district.  We are high achievers with incredibly talented and academic students.  Our schools offer cutting-edge programs in engineering, technology, and science.  Will your family be discussing college safety this Spring?  If so, feel free to use this ranking from

Empty Nesters

Many of us will be making housing changes after our children go off to college.  Using the equity built in our homes and the desire to downsize are always appealing goals.  Maybe retirement is coming soon or traveling more becomes a priority?  If you are one of the many looking to find a new home, give me call.  I will be happy to help make your transition easy and profitable.

4 Reasons Spring is a Great Time to Buy a Home

4 Reasons Spring is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

4 Reasons Spring is a Great Time to Buy a Home! | MyKCM

Here are four great reasons to consider buying a home today instead of waiting.  To discuss any of these reasons in more details, feel free to give me a call at 925-400-7007 or

*Prices Will Continue to Rise

CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Index reports that home prices have appreciated by 6.6% over the last 12 months. The same report predicts that prices will continue to increase at a rate of 4.3% over the next year.

The bottom in home prices has come and gone. Home values will continue to appreciate for years. Waiting no longer makes sense.

**Mortgage Interest Rates Are Projected to Increase

Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that interest rates for a 30-year mortgage hovered close to 4.0% in 2017. Most experts predict that rates will rise over the next 12 months. The Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the National Association of Realtors are in unison, projecting that rates will increase by nearly a full percentage point by this time next year.

An increase in rates will impact YOUR monthly mortgage payment. A year from now, your housing expense will increase if a mortgage is necessary to buy your next home.

***Either Way, You Are Paying a Mortgage

There are some renters who have not yet purchased a home because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. Everyone should realize that unless you are living with your parents rent-free, you are paying a mortgage – either yours or your landlord’s.

As an owner, your mortgage payment is a form of ‘forced savings’ that allows you to have equity in your home that you can tap into later in life. As a renter, you guarantee your landlord is the person with that equity.

Are you ready to put your housing cost to work for you?  If so, let’s talk or text at 925-400-7007.

****It’s Time to Move on with Your Life

The ‘cost’ of a home is determined by two major components: the price of the home and the current mortgage rate. It appears that both are on the rise.

But what if they weren’t? Would you wait?  To find out what homes are available in your area, contact me directly or check out our local home search program at: Home Search

Look at the actual reason you are buying and decide if it is worth waiting. Whether you want to have a great place for your children to grow up, you want your family to be safer, or you just want to have control over renovations, maybe now is the time to buy.

If the right thing for you and your family is to purchase a home this year, buying sooner rather than later could lead to substantial savings.  To learn more about Kerner Homes, go to  Make it a great day!

Spring Forward Housing Market

Housing Market Springs Forward by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Housing Market Springs Forward

By Jason Kerner, San Ramon Realtor

Just like our clocks this weekend in the majority of the country, the housing market will soon “spring forward!” Similar to the tension in a spring, the lack of inventory available for sale in the market right now is what is holding back the market.  Windemere, Gale Ranch, Bridges and other parts of San Ramon are experiencing this shortage of inventory.  To search available homes, download my app at

Many potential sellers believe that waiting until Spring is in their best interest, and traditionally they would have been right.

Buyer demand has seasonality to it, which usually falls off in the winter months, especially in areas of the country impacted by arctic temperatures and conditions.

That hasn’t happened this year.
Demand for housing has remained strong as mortgage rates have remained near historic lows. Even with the recent increase in rates, buyers are still able to lock in an affordable monthly payment. Many more buyers are jumping off the fence and into the market to secure a lower rate.  To find out what your home is worth, let my 16 years of experience help you figure out the most comparable value.  Or, you may use my home valuation calculator at

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently reported that the top 10 dates sellers listed their homes in 2017 all fell in April, May, or June.

Those who act quickly and list now could benefit greatly from additional exposure to buyers prior to a flood of more competition coming to market in the next few months.

Bottom Line
If you are planning on selling your home in 2018, let’s get together to evaluate the opportunities in our market.  Call me for more specific information regarding your home needs at 925-400-7007.  Make it a great day!

Tax Refunds Can Jump Start Down Payment Savings

It’s Tax Season… Use Your Refund to Jump Start Your Down Payment Savings!

It's Tax Season… Use Your Refund to Jump Start Your Down Payment Savings! | MyKCM

According to data released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Americans can expect an estimated average refund of $2,840 this year when filing their taxes. This is down slightly from the average refund of $2,895, last year.

Tax refunds are often thought of as ‘extra money’ that can be used toward larger goals; for anyone looking to buy a home in 2018, this can be a great jump start toward a down payment!  If you are interested in discussing the typical San Ramon home down payment requirement, contact San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner at 924-400-7007 or

The map below shows the average tax refund Americans received last year by state. (The refunds received for the 2017 tax year should continue to reflect these numbers as the new tax code will go into effect for 2018 tax filings.)

It's Tax Season… Use Your Refund to Jump Start Your Down Payment Savings! | MyKCM

Many first-time buyers believe that a 20% down payment is required to qualify for a mortgage. Programs from the Federal Housing Authority, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae all allow for down payments as low as 3%, with Veterans Affairs Loans allowing many veterans to purchase a home with 0% down.

If you started your down payment savings with your tax refund check this year, how close would you be to a 3% down payment?

The map below shows what percentage of a 3% down payment is covered by the average tax refund by taking into account the median price of homes sold by state.

It's Tax Season… Use Your Refund to Jump Start Your Down Payment Savings! | MyKCM


The darker the blue, the closer your tax refund gets you to homeownership! For those in Alabama looking to purchase their first homes, their tax refund could potentially get them 69% closer to that dream!

Bottom Line

Saving for a down payment can seem like a daunting task. But the more you know about what’s required, the more prepared you can be to make the best decision for you and your family.  This tax season, your refund could be your key to homeownership.  For more information about owning a home in San Ramon, Danville, Dublin or Pleasanton, reach out to Jason Kerner Realtor Broker at or 925-400-7007.

It’s a Great Time to Sell- by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Latest NAR Data Shows Now Is a Great Time to Sell!

Call San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner to discuss your individual situation in more detail, 925-400-7007.

Latest NAR Data Shows Now Is a Great Time to Sell! | MyKCM

We all realize that the best time to sell anything is when demand for that item is high, and the supply of that item is limited. Two major reports released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed information that suggests that now is a great time to sell your house.  If you want any of the information to be discussed in more detail, as it relates to your personal housing situation, contact San Ramon Realtor, Jason Kerner, at 925-400-7007.  More information about Jason is available at KernerHomes

Let’s look at the data covered in the latest REALTORS® Confidence Indexand Existing Home Sales Report.


Every month, NAR surveys “over 50,000 real estate practitioners about their expectations for home sales, prices and market conditions.” This month, the index showed (again) that homebuying demand continued to outpace the supply of homes available in January.

The map below illustrates buyer demand broken down by state (the darker your state, the stronger demand there is).

Latest NAR Data Shows Now Is a Great Time to Sell! | MyKCM

In addition to revealing high demand, the index also shows that compared to conditions in the same month last year, seller traffic conditions were ‘weak’ in 22 states, ‘stable’ in 25 states, and ‘strong’ in only 4 states (Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota & Utah).  What is demand like in San Ramon, Dublin, Danville and Pleasanton?  Call Jason at 925-400-7007 to discuss.

Takeaway: Demand for housing continues to be strong but supply is struggling to keep up, and this trend is likely to continue throughout 2018.


The most important data revealed in the report was not sales but was instead the inventory of homes for sale (supply). The report explained:

  • Total housing inventory rose 4.1% from December to 1.52 million homes available for sale.
  • Unsold inventory is 9.5% lower than a year ago, marking the 32nd consecutive month with year-over-year declines.
  • This represents a 3.4-month supply at the current sales pace.

According to Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR:

“Another month of solid price gains underlines this ongoing trend of strong demand and weak supply. The underproduction of single-family homes over the last decade has played a predominant role in the current inventory crisis that is weighing on affordability.”

In real estate, there is a guideline that often applies; when there is less than a 6-month supply of inventory available, we are in a seller’s market and we will see appreciation. Between 6-7 months is a neutral market, where prices will increase at the rate of inflation. More than a 7-month supply means we are in a buyer’s market and should expect depreciation in home values.

As we mentioned before, there is currently a 3.4-month supply, and houses are going under contract fast. The Existing Home Sales Report shows that 43% of properties were on the market for less than a month when sold.

In January, properties sold nationally were typically on the market for 42 days. As Yun notes, this will continue unless more listings come to the market.

“While the good news is that Realtors in most areas are saying buyer traffic is even stronger than the beginning of last year, sales failed to follow course and far lagged last January’s pace. It’s very clear that too many markets right now are becoming less affordable and desperately need more new listings to calm the speedy price growth.”

Takeaway: Inventory of homes for sale is still well below the 6-month supply needed for a normal market and supply will ‘fail to catch up with demand’ if a ‘sizable’ supply does not enter the market.

Bottom Line

If you are going to sell, now may be the time to take advantage of the ready, willing, and able buyers that are still out searching for your house.  If you are thinking about selling your home, contact San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner at

Artists Alert- San Ramon Announces Utility Box Public Art Project

Artist Alert- San Ramon Announces Utility Box Public Art Project- by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner


Application Deadline is March 30, 2018

The City of San Ramon is looking for artists to participate in their first Utility Box Art Project.  The program encourages our local artists to create works of art from boring old utility boxes.  San Ramon’s goal is to inspire artists to contribute to the beauty of our city.   This sounds like a great project for San Ramon citizens of all cultures.  How lucky are we to live in such a great city that respects the arts!  If you are looking to learn more about our great community check out my blog:  San Ramon Community Details

Project Scope

The City plans to offer 5 utility boxes along Crow Canyon Road as backdrops for lucky artists to use as their canvas.  Are you that artist?  Help our City foster civic pride and community identity by bringing art to different parts of the San Ramon.  The theme of this project is “Celebrating the Arts”.

Paid Project

This pilot program offers each winning artist $700 to pay for materials and time.  $350 will be e given at the start of the project.  An additional $350 will be paid to the artists after work has been completed.  The winning artists are responsible for all prep, painting, and sealant of the boxes.  The City says it will offer anti-graffiti sealant to preserve the artwork.  Artists are encouraged to include their signature on the utility box.


City of San Ramon’s Eligibility Requirements

Full details available at Utility Box Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 or older
  • 3 designs may be submitted
  • Work must be original
  • Artwork must be completed within 4 week period.


  • Skill of the artists
  • Theme of project meets requirements
  • Foster city pride and community identity


  • Applications due by: March 30, 2018 at 5:00pm
  • Applications and design template review: April/May 2018
  • Selected Artists announced: May 16, 2018
  • Earliest date painting may begin: June 4, 2018
  • Painting must be completed by: August 1, 2018.
  • *Dates subject to change


For questions please contact Erika Burg at or call (925) 973 – 3205

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in San Ramon, contact San Ramon Realtor, Jason Kerner at, or text 925-400-7007.

2 Ways to Get the Most Money from The Sale of Your Home- Jason Kerner

2 Ways to Get the Most Money from The Sale of Your Home- San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

2 Ways to Get the Most Money from The Sale of Your Home | MyKCM

Every homeowner wants to make sure they maximize their financial reward when selling their home. But how do you guarantee that you receive the maximum value for your house?  As your local San Ramon Realtor and Broker with over 16 years of experience, navigating the real estate market can be challenging but profitable.  To check the value of your home, check out

Here are two keys to ensure that you get the highest price possible.

1. Price it a LITTLE LOW 

This may seem counterintuitive, but let’s look at this concept for a moment. Many homeowners think that pricing their homes a little OVER market value will leave them with room for negotiation. In actuality, this just dramatically lessens the demand for your house (see chart below).

2 Ways to Get the Most Money from The Sale of Your Home | MyKCM

Instead of the seller trying to ‘win’ the negotiation with one buyer, they should price it so that demand for the home is maximized. By doing this, the seller will not be fighting with a buyer over the price but will instead have multiple buyers fighting with each other over the house. gives this advice:

“Aim to price your property at or just slightly below the going rate. Today’s buyers are highly informed, so if they sense they’re getting a deal, they’re likely to bid up a property that’s slightly underpriced, especially in areas with low inventory.”

2. Use a Real Estate Professional

This, too, may seem counterintuitive. The seller may think they would make more money if they didn’t have to pay a real estate commission. With this being said, studies have shown that homes typically sell for more money when handled by a real estate professional.  Personally, I average over 100+ hours of time into the sale of your home.  To learn more about my services, go to

study by Collateral Analytics, reveals that FSBOs don’t actually save any money, and in some cases may be costing themselves more, by not listing with an agent.

In the study, they analyzed home sales in a variety of markets in 2016 and the first half of 2017. The data showed that:

“FSBOs tend to sell for lower prices than comparable home sales, and in many cases below the average differential represented by the prevailing commission rate.”

The results of the study showed that the differential in selling prices for FSBOs when compared to MLS sales of similar properties is about 5.5%. Sales in 2017 suggest the average price was near 6% lower for FSBO sales of similar properties.

Bottom Line

Price your house at or slightly below the current market value and hire a professional. This will guarantee that you maximize the price you get for your house.  Call or text me at 925-400-7007.

380 S Overlook Dr San Ramon CA-large-027-29-aerial5-1500x844-72dpi

380 South Overlook Drive, San Ramon- Listed by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

380 South Overlook Drive, San Ramon- Listed by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

380 S Overlook Dr San Ramon CA-large-007-21-overlook4-1499x1000-72dpi

Upgrades and Views

380 South Overlook Drive in San Ramon is presented for sale.  This is a highly upgraded, east facing townhouse style condo with the city, golf course, and hillside views!  The largest floorplan in this area with 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1314 square feet of luxury living space, and large patio.  The kitchen shines with quartz counters, upgraded cabinetry and lots of storage space.  Photos and more details available  at

380 S Overlook Dr San Ramon CA-large-012-7-overlook9-1499x1000-72dpi

Stylish Details

The flooring includes distressed hardwood floors with high baseboards and new lush carpet upstairs.  The house has an abundance of oversized closets and storage.   High ceilings welcome sun into this light and bright home.  The stylishly painted living room comes with a slate wood burning fireplace.

380 S Overlook Dr San Ramon CA-large-020-17-overlook17-1499x1000-72dpi

Views and Privacy

Spacious master bedroom with stunning panoramic views and an upgraded master bathroom that includes quartz counters, upgraded cabinets, a large walk-in closet.  A large guest bedroom is privately situated down the hall.  A laundry closet is conveniently placed upstairs with ample storage space.

380 S Overlook Dr San Ramon CA-large-025-24-overlook22-1498x1000-72dpi

Resort Style Living

You’ll love the gated resort style living with pool, spa, gym, clubhouse, and tennis courts.  Ideally located near Bishop Ranch and the new San Ramon City center opening soon, this condo will be minutes away from brand new shops, restaurants, and luxury movie theater.

Jason Kerner, Broker/Realtor

If you would like to talk with Jason Kerner about 380 South Overlook Drive in San Ramon, text or call him at 925-400-7007.  Additional information is available at

Rent or Buy Your San Ramon Home?

Whether You Rent or Buy Your San Ramon Home, Either Way, You’re Paying a Mortgage!

Whether You Rent or Buy, Either Way You're Paying a Mortgage! | MyKCM

There are some people who have not purchased homes because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. Everyone should realize, however, that unless you are living with your parents rent-free, you are paying a mortgage – either yours or your San Ramon landlords.  I have an luxurious San Ramon condo coming on the market at 380 South Overlook Drive San Ramon that backs to Canyon Lakes golf course and has views of the Valley and Hills.  Let me know if you would like advanced information.  To learn more about San Ramon, check out community details at San Ramon Community Details

As Entrepreneur Magazine, a premier source for small business explained in their article, “12 Practical Steps to Getting Rich”:

“While renting on a temporary basis isn’t terrible, you should most certainly own the roof over your head if you’re serious about your finances. It won’t make you rich overnight, but by renting, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage. In effect, you’re making someone else rich.”

Christina Boyle, Senior Vice President and head of the Single-Family Sales & Relationship Management organization at Freddie Mac, explains another benefit of securing a mortgage as opposed to paying rent:

“With a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, you’ll have the certainty & stability of knowing what your mortgage payment will be for the next 30 years – unlike rents which will continue to rise over the next three decades.”

As an owner, your mortgage payment is a form of ‘forced savings’ which allows you to build equity in your home that you can tap into later in life. As a renter, you guarantee the landlord is the person building that equity.

Interest rates are still at historic lows, making it one of the best times to secure a mortgage and make a move into your dream home. Freddie Mac’s latest report shows that rates across the country were at 4.22% last week.

Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for a primary residence for the first time or are considering a vacation home on the shore, now may be the time to buy.  If you want to know how to afford a home in San Ramon, give me a call or at 925-400-7007.  Together, we can go over the numbers and figure out your options.  As your local San Ramon Realtor/Broker, with over 16 years of experience, I have helped hundreds of home buyers find the perfect solution.

Bidding Wars Can be Won- by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Bidding Wars Abound… How Long Will They Continue?  by San Ramon Realtor Jason Kerner

Bidding Wars Abound… How Long Will They Continue? | MyKCM

Just like with any product or service, the law of supply and demand impacts home prices. Any time that there is less supply than the market demands, prices increase.  To see the list of homes currently on the market, go to Kerner Homes Search

In many areas of the country, the supply of homes for sale in the starter and trade-up home markets is so low that bidding wars have ensued, and the busy spring-buying season is just around the corner.

CoreLogic recently conducted an analysis on national home prices at the time of sale for their January 2018 MarketPulse Report and found that a third of homes sold for at least list price.

“The share selling above list price was almost three times the trough in January 2008 and represented more than one-fifth of total sales.”

Many markets in the western part of the country and around major cities are experiencing higher shares of homes selling above list price.

“San Francisco had the largest share of homes—76 percent—that sold for at least the list price, and Seattle and Los Angeles followed with 63 and 51 percent, respectively. Miami had the lowest share—16 percent—of homes selling at or above the list price.”

Increased demand during the spring and summer months, the traditionally busier seasons for real estate, will no doubt influence how many homes continue to sell over list price.  There are strategies to successfully deal with multiple offer situations.  With 16 years of full-time Realtor/Broker experience, The Jason Kerner Team works closely with clients to determine the most beneficial scenario for each homeowner or home buyer to win the bidding war.  To learn more about us, go to About Jason Kerner

This should not be seen by sellers as permission to overprice their homes, though. Buyers are becoming more and more educated, especially those who have been searching for their dream homes for a while now while waiting for new inventory to come to market.  As a full-time Realtor/Broker for the last 16 years, my experience pays off for clients looking to get the most money from the sale of their home as well as how to strategize to win multiple offer situations. gives this advice:

“Aim to price your property at or just slightly below the going rate. Today’s buyers are highly informed, so if they sense they’re getting a deal, they’re likely to bid up a property that’s slightly underpriced, especially in areas with low inventory.”

Bottom Line

Without a large wave of new listings coming to market, buyers will continue competing with each other for the homes that are available. If you are thinking of selling your home, now may be the time to do so before more competition comes this spring. Let’s get together to determine the demand for your house in our area.  For more information about The Jason Kerner Team, go to Kerner Homes or contact Jason directly at 925-400-7007.